What is scoutgolf?

scoutgolf is a digital software for any golfer interested in using analytics to improve their game. 

 What does scoutgolf do?

scoutgolf provides a customizable platform (Scorecard) where golfers can track their score and break it down to gain valuable insights.

Who is scoutgolf for?

scoutgolf is for golfers interested in utilizing the objective feedback that analytics provide in order to improve, or gain a small edge in competition. 

Scoutgolf was founded in honor of our brother and best friend Scout! Scout is a Golden Retriever, and as all dog owners know, he runs the show. His current nickname is "The Wid", which is a derivative of his original nickname, "little dog". He was known as "little dog" due to his relationship with his brother, the late, "Champ" (Golden Retreiver / Yellow Lab Mix). Together they were known as "Big Dog and Little Dog". 

Scout's compensation package consists primarily of a daily can of Green Beans! Since he has many food allergies, requires hypoallergenic food, various health powders, fish oil, and a few other medicines, Scout does not receive cash or equity options. 

ScoutGolf Leadership:


Scout, CDO - Chief Dog Officer

This is Scout. He currently serves as the Chief Dog Officer at our company. He is originally from Titusville and currently lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.  He is highly skilled in sleeping, eating, walking, running, barking, chewing, swimming, sitting, and building security. Without him, there would be NO scoutgolf!