2017 PGA TOUR Fantasy Golf Special Event

Join Esquire Madison & Scoutgolf's 2017 Fantasy Golf Special! The Fantasy Season Begins on March 1st with the World Golf Championship Event on March 2nd, 2017 and Concludes with the BMW Championship on September 17th, 2017 in Lake Forest, IL. There will be 32 Events in Total. Please contact us at info@scoutgolf.com or by phone at 315-521-4938 with any questions. 

Grand Prizes:

1st Place - $XXXX

2nd Place - $XXXX

3rd Place - $XXXX

4th-100th Place Prizes TBD. Minimum Winnings of $XX.


1. Download or Review the "Golfers List" - Click on Link

2. Pick 12 Total Players 

3. Must Use Exactly 6000 Points

4. Submit Your Team Using the File Below:

Name *